Behavioral Health Adult Services


Outpatient Therapy is based on clinical need and is available to children, adolescents, and adults for whom it is determined therapy may be an effective means to reduce symptoms or eliminate impairment. Individual, family, and group therapies are available and ongoing individual sessions are offered either at the B & D office, virtually, or the individual’s home.

Community Support Team services consist of community-based mental health and substance abuse rehabilitation services provided through a team approach to assist adults in achieving their rehabilitative and recovery goals. CST services at B & D Integrated Health Services are intended for individuals with mental illness and or co-morbid illness such as substance abuse disorders and who have complex and targeted treatment needs.

Psychiatric Medication Management at B & D Integrated Health Services is a comprehensive approach for individuals of all ages, beginning with primary care health screening and monitoring as a foundational component of psychiatric treatment. Our integrated psychiatric providers work closely with each individual to determine whether medication would be beneficial and continue to assess the effectiveness of the medication over time. Proper medication can assist individuals in positively affecting their mental health and fully utilizing all aspects of their treatment. Health monitoring ensures that the medication regimens are tailored to the individual's unique needs and conditions. Common conditions treated with medication include ADHD, depression, Bipolar disorder, PTSD, anxiety, and psychotic disorders. Our commitment to integrated care ensures that everyone receives the personalized attention and care they need for optimal mental well-being.

Primary Care Service’s goal is to improve the health outcomes of adults diagnosed with mental illness, and those with co-occurring substance use disorders. B&D’s targeted population of patients are at risk for, or diagnosed with, one or more chronic physical illnesses and are not currently utilizing preventive health care services.

Tenancy Support Team (TST) is a service provided to individuals participating in the Transition to Community Living Initiative (TCLI). B & D Behavioral Health Services provides TST to individuals with TCLI housing slots in Durham and Wake Counties. TST is a rehabilitation service intended to increase and restore an individual’s ability to live successfully in the community by maintaining tenancy. TST focuses on increasing the individual’s ability to live as independently as possible, managing the illness, and reestablishing his or her community roles related to the following life domains: emotional, social, safety, housing, medical and health, educational, vocational, and legal. TST provides structured rehabilitative interventions.

Expected outcomes include, but are not limited to, the following:

Achieved recovery goals identified in the individuals Person Centered Plan (PCP);
Continued community tenure;
Improved personal, social, and community living skills;
Increased access to necessary services in all life domains;
Improved functioning in community roles;
Re-established or restored network of healthy natural supports and community contacts;
Re-established or restored independent living abilities.
For more information about the Transition to Community Living Initiative (TCLI):